Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage Wallpaper Business Cards

Once upon a time, last year, I had business cards provided by the law firm. They were of the very serious variety: substantial vanilla stock, grown-up font, no-nonsense. In other words, they were very lawyerly.

The new org for which I will be working in Phnom Penh should provide me with official cards upon my arrival. But, in the meantime and maybe for after, I'm considering ordering a few to keep my silver cardholder from looking too lonely.

I gravitated toward the prints above. They remind me of vintage wallpaper, which I looove. The other option is a punchy minimalist version, plain text on a rather bright, non-traditional color palette. Very clean.

But, does this read "lawyer"? And, more importantly perhaps, to what extent should that question even matter, if these designs, in fact, read "me"?

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