Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Russian Wedding Cake

The joke among travellers is that the Moscow Metro (or, Московский метрополитен) is a worthy sight on its own--that is, if you did nothing else in Moscow but ride through the metro's expansive grid, you'd still manage to see one of the country's finest architectural wonders. Someone also told me that the system was the busiest in the world, that it carried the total of London's AND New York City's systems put together. I don't know if that's true. It may be.

What I do know, with absolute certainty, is that the Moscow Metro is huge, magnificent, and stunning in its heavy-handed use of marble, mosaic, stained glass, and other Russian "wedding cake" architecture. I spent an inordinate time there, bewildered by the magnitude, (unsuccessfully) deciphering Cyrillic, and relishing the succession of sights with each passing station. Oh my.

On this morning, the news of the metro bombings saddens me; it makes my heart go out to friends in Russia and to those friends with loves there.

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