Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Blogging (reading and writing) is one simple pleasure of mine. I savor the inspiration I get from viewing other blogs, the piecemeal glimpses it affords into people's lives. Surprisingly, I've found that beginning my day by writing an entry, with cup of coffee in hand as morning streams through the window, is a precious salve.

Lately, I've found more delight (if more could be possible!) from The Sartorialist, who has posted a contest involving vintage photographs. I forget what the prize is, but the crux of this competition is what I enjoy most about blogging, fashion, and fashion blogging: stories of faraway times and places captured in sepia-toned images, dress steeped in memories, and cultural studies filtered through the lens of dress.

The photographs and accompanying stories are heartfelt and inspiring! Take, for example, this picture of a reader's father who lived in St. Petersburg, Russia at a time when jeans, among many other things, were banned and only procured through illegal means (hello, black market). To acquire such a treasure, as the father did, was an act of rebellion, an act of love. You can read the full narrative here.

Also, doesn't the melancholic tint of this picture just capture the spirit of St. Petersburg? Beautiful and tragic, really, in light of the recent bombings in Moscow.


  1. I've been enjoying the vintage photographs on the Sartorialist as well, especially the stories!

    Have a great time in Myanmar!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my site!!
    I love your beautiful photos too!!!

    PS: my camera is Canon Sxi ;-)

  3. Wishful nals: I think it may be my favorite so far in that contest. And the story ...

    Tee: Me too. I'm looking forward to Myanmar, but I have yet to plan.

    Hahn: I've been waffling between buying a new camera, by which I mean a proper SLR, or sticking with my old point and shoot. Looks like I'm leaning toward a Canon.

  4. The Sart continues to inspire me more every time I visit him!

  5. Kristin: Yes, that contest has made that site even better.


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