Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Tea

via Fashiontoast

Today, I am craving green tea donuts and green tea Kit Kats. Yes, they do exist (though rarely stateside), and when I discovered them a few years ago, I was at first skeptical, but shortly convinced, of their yumminess. (Confession: Each time I'm in Narita Airport, I stock up on the green tea Kit Kats, but they never make it home.)


  1. These sound strangely delicious. Probably because I'm a fan of anything with the word "donut" in the title... XO Katie

  2. OOOHHHH greentea kitkats!! Can you post a pic? I'm so curious now what do they taste like?



  3. Anything made of green tea tastes delicious! I tried green tea ice cream at my favorite Japanese restaurant and fell in love.

  4. that's amazing that someone dreamed up green tea donuts (!) - i'll have to keep an eye out for them here in nyc...

  5. Katie: It is strangely delicious. Growing up in the states, you don't associate the color green with sweet donuts, but they are good.

    My Owl Barn: Agreed!

    Miss Sophie: I found them in Japan ... leave it to Japan. If you find them in NYC, do tell.

  6. Ginger: On taste, it reminds of white chocolate with a hint of green tea. Here's a candy blog entry with pictures:


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