Monday, March 8, 2010

These Wandering Eyes

via (Alexa Chung for) Madewell

Brilliant. I (or, rather, my friends) have just survived a disaster of a move, from which I emerged proclaiming that I would stave off my spending habits; that I would purge, purge, purge; that it was absolute nonsense to accumluate anything more the next two months because I am moving to a third world country.

Apparently, that has not stopped my wandering eyes. Help me. Not you, too, Alexa Chung.


  1. Almost a year ago, We moved to Croatia. I had to fit all my belongings into 2 suitcases. (it was painful!)to get rid of so much stuff but it was also a moment of reflection. that simple is better. Or as my sister says quality not quantity.
    Good luck on your move,

    A Mexican chica living in Europe

  2. Elisa, If you have any tips on how to accomplish such a feat, do tell. I am such a hoarder. My move from Portland to Los Angeles last week has made me pare down a little, but two suitcases ... I can't imagine. In the end, I agree--I think this move abroad will force me to evaluate what is absolutely essential.

    Thank you for your well wishes! I'm certain you must have some amazing stories about your own move to Croatia...



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