Friday, March 21, 2014

WANTED: Flat Boots

While I still enjoy my Rachel Comey Mars boots, I've been perusing the internet for flat boots. I do so much walking in this city - more than I ever did in any other city I've lived in. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Documenting a walk: Saturday

Walking from Mount Pleasant towards Dupont Circle, I came across a half-marathon: runners, walkers, cheerleaders on the side, music playing.  

I continued south.  My friend, Jess, was visiting from Portland. We met for brunch at Founding Farmers. As usual, I ate too much.  This city is serious about brunch. 

Later that day, I took the Metro to meet Ethan in the Noma/Gallaudet neighborhood - to visit Union Market. 

Ethan wasn't as enthusiastic about the place as I was, but this may be my favorite DC market yet.  It's a little bourgie-hipster, which runs in stark contrast with the immediate industrial environment. The pros and cons of gentrification aside, I confess I enjoy a fancy market. Now and then, I need to delight in (arguably) overpriced artisan pickles, good bread, and freshly-squeezed juice concoctions. This would be a great place to bring visiting family/friends.

It was 65+ degrees that day!  We sat outside, soaked in the sun, and watched many young families do the same. Once, twice, a bike "gang" rode by, dressed in costumes and obviously drunk from sunshine, reminding me of Portland days.  (Cue: Ethan eye-roll.)

But, the primary reason I wanted to visit Union Market was for the pop-up extension of H Street's ramen shop, Toki Underground. (Food occupies so much of my weekend planning.)  I once tried to have dinner at Toki Underground, but was told there was a 4+ hour wait.  I never returned.

Technically, the pop-up isn't a ramen shop, more like a noodle shop.  There are two tables that seat perhaps 6-8 people, and there is only one soup offering each day (week?).  On Saturday, it was a Taiwanese spicy beef noodle soup.  Freshly made pandan and pork ham bao were also available.  Other noodle dishes the chef has done: khao soi (one of my favorite Thai/Burmese soups), laksa, southern Thai curries, pho, even Khmer noodle dishes. Definitely worth a re-visit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Looking back

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ethan.  I took it two summers ago, when we were in Darjeeling, India. It was during that summer of travel between Indonesia, Singapore and India, the summer before we moved to Thailand.  

Drawn out by promises of proper coffee, we walked to this small restaurant. I can't remember what it was called, but it had maybe three tables.  Indeed, it served up a proper cup of coffee and a hot, hearty breakfast.  We sat at this table, staring at the foot traffic outside, the fog and cold enveloping the streets.  I don't remember what we did that day.  I probably dragged him out to afternoon tea at the Elgin Hotel. Or, maybe we took a jeep ride to another hillside town. 

I get so caught up in the pace of life in this city. Sometimes I forget all the little adventures we shared.  I don't want to forget; those experiences ground me.  Sometimes I fail to realize life in this city is itself is a little adventure for us. One day, I'll look back and miss the tree-lined streets; the bands/musicians playing in Dupont Circle, causing music to stream into my office in the late afternoon; the rowhouses jutting up towards the sky; all the bits and pieces that make this life colorful.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Obsession: Storq

I've been slightly obsessed with Storq basics.  I don't know if it's the actual clothes/styling or just this nifty video of a woman demonstrating how she mix and matches her wardrobe with Storq pieces. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend recap.

It was good to be home for a few days.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good morning, Los Angeles.

I've been in southern California for a few days. It was pouring rain. One morning, I woke up and in those first moments, on that cusp of consciousness and sleep, I thought I was back in the Mekong region during the torrential rain season. 

This weekend was my sister's bridal shower and my grandma Elpidia's birthday celebration.  I also caught up with Cherlou.  She took me to Urth Caffe, and we had way too much good food (evidence, above).  Between bites of an incredible apple tartin, I joked with her that she would probably give birth during our brunch - she was due next week.  She didn't, of course. She apparently waited several hours because I woke up this morning to a picture of a beautiful baby boy.  Congrats to them!
I'm off to DC today, off to reality again - that is, if the blizzard doesn't delay my flight!
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