Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Floral Fixation

via No. 6 (La Garconne)

I'm both tickled and annoyed that florals, good florals, are so easy to come by these days. I love them and their saccharine promises, always have. I have lived in them, in some iteration, since I was five. I think my first case of heartbreak may have occurred in a floral jumper. Years later, my first trip to France would nurture this childhood affection. And, today, a Phillip Lim number sits waiting in my makeshift closet. Unfortunately, my upcoming move won't afford me many more. For now.

But the wandering eyes, well, they cannot be stopped, try as I may.

No. 6, I've got my eye on you.


  1. Gorgeous. Can't get enough of floral for spring. Love this frock especially! XO Katie

  2. those no.6 dresses are tempting me like candy! although i wonder if you've come across any interesting prints where you are? do report back if you see anything in a local shop or market :)

  3. Katie: Neither can I!

    Miss Sophie: That's the struggle right now -- not to buy because I know I'll come across some interesting things in SE Asia. When I was in Thailand last fall, there was this great local designer with fab prints, all cotton dresses w/ some vintage/Mayle-inspired cuts ... will absolutely report back.


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