Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sun-Soaked Days, pt. 2

via Cherlou's iPhone

There are few things more perfect to me than a proper cup of coffee, enjoyed early on a Sunday morning, under the warmth of the sun, as I meander through the Rosebowl Flea Market. Wonderful friends Cherlou and Alex joined me in this antidote to my Portland blues.

After Cherlou and I declared that we had sufficiently scored at Rosebowl (more on that later), she and Alex indulged me in a game of tourist. They introduced me to Wurstk├╝che, a beerhall-esque, must-go purveyor of artisan sausage and truffle-oiled frites that is tucked away in a backalley in the small Arts District and serves bratwurst varieties ranging from vegan, to Filipino, to the more exotic rattlesnake-rabbit.

Then, after having had our fill, we jetted off to Bodega Louis, a new patisserie in downtown Los Angeles with a cavernous space and bright airy confections. I sampled a canelle and a red velvet cupcake and bought some fromage d'affinois, a favorite. (Becki, you would approve.)

Oh, exhausting, happy, sun-drenched days ...

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