Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thief and Bandit

I wear a whole lot of prints, and I prefer to be heavy-handed with color, though black, grey, and other subdued tones are being welcomed back into my wardrobe, slowly. But, even when things are more subdued and clean, the urge to pile on color and texture takes over. I can't help it.

P.S. Another good reason to pile on color, here.


  1. Your style sounds so much like mine it's spooky!
    I also am welcoming more neutral,solid tones back into my wardrobe, but also have the impulse to accessorize with colorful chunky jewelry or a patterned scarf if the rest of my outfit is on the simple side.

  2. I love these necklaces! I'm craving a multi-strand fabric necklace lately. May have to do something about it...


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