Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poked, Prodded

Second round of travel shots yesterday. (Did I mention I detest shots?) Flu today. Not fun.

There's also an issue with my departure date, presently slated for the last week of April. I may have to push it back a few days to make sure I am in tiptop shape for the move. Logically, it makes sense to do so -- every ounce of health precaution now is important, given the general state of medical facilities where I am headed. It makes sense. And, what's a few more days in the course of things, right? Yet, sometimes, I am an unreasonably inflexible, dogged person. It is my nature, and the thought of changing my travel plans puts my mind in a frenzy.

Theraflu and a nap are due.


  1. Thanks. Still hopped up on medicine, but feeling better.


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