Friday, April 9, 2010

Game Show

My grandma Elpidia has never forgiven Bob Barker, the former host of her once-favorite game show, The Price Is Right, for slighting her. Six years ago, before my move to Portland, my sisters, my grandma, and I queued up for a taping of the show in Los Angeles, hoping to be part of the audience and therefore a potential contestant. That morning was pregnant with possibilities, and you could sense my grandma's giddiness.

But, after five hours of sitting around, we were told that a large group had reserved most of the seats for that day's taping. My grandma was not going to be part of the show that day; she was, like us, a reject.

Thus began my grandma's boycott and growing resentment of a show that my sisters and I had grown up watching with her, on days when school let out early (or, when we feigned illness), while she painstakingly prepared our lunches.

It is all very funny, but if you know my grandma, you know she'll hold this grudge for a very long time -- she's not the kind of woman you cross, even if you are Bob Barker. In her stead, Cherlou and I are plotting to get on a gameshow, maybe as a pair.


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