Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tidbits of home

second photo via LoGE

I never tire of care packages, especially the kind with chocolates and Built by Wendy.  And Girl Scout cookies?!  

And, I am probably going to make another version of this shirt at the tailor. I cannot help it.


  1. I LOVE care packages! my mom always sends me boxes from home, stuffed with treasures from trader joes and chinese grocery stores. my favorite! also, that top is soooooo cute. that heart print?! amazing!

  2. Trader Joes! I miss Trader Joes. I shamelessly brought so much stuff from that place back with me from Cambodia - spices, boxed cake mix (bad, but this coffee one is soo good), granola. The security people at the airport almost made me throw things out, but one compassionate guy was like,"Oh, that cake mix is pretty good. Let her keep it."

    I digress.

    I really like old Built by Wendy.


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