Friday, April 6, 2012

Railway women, again

After drinks with Mark and a few other friends, I came home and prepared myself for sleep, when all of a sudden I received text after text about an assault on the railway women, whom I just wrote about previously.  Sources say that the village chief and armed men surrounded them in their homes in the late evening and assaulted them with sticks, batons, rocks.  People were injured and after the assault, too scared to leave.  Calls were made - the UN, Amnesty, other international partners.  The next day, trips to visit those in the hospital occurred, as did visits to the site.

Is it strange to hear that you cannot just ask the authorities to cease and desist based on domestic and international conventions?  You have to go beyond, go indirectly to others, who hopefully pressure compliance. 

I fear that the situation is escalating and becoming more violent.

It's Saturday early afternoon, and I am meeting a colleague from Australia for brunch.  I'm sitting in one of my favorite brunch haunts, sipping a cappuccino.  Classical music plays in the background.  A fan blows.  It couldn't feel further away from the reality outside.

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