Monday, April 16, 2012

Nearly three days in Banlung, Ratanakiri, Pt. 2

Our plans to bicycle to the lake were foiled.  Within 15 minutes of parting after breakfast, Anna's friend dislocated her shoulder.  She was making a turn on the motorbike and fell.  Calls to doctors in Phnom Penh were made, as were plans for her to return via taxi.  (It was kind of a dramatic first 8 hours in Banlung.)

The rest of us explored the small town of Banlung.  We visited a Vietnamese bakery, where we sampled freshly baked banana cake, which had the consistency of cassava cake and was dotted with bright purple/pink specks.  It was delicious, but would have been more perfect with a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee.

Then, after having had our fill of the town, we rented a motorbike (ever the biking enthusiast, Ethan bicycled there) and drove the distance to the lake, past buildings stained with red mud and wooden huts in which families slept. 

At the lake, we soaked in the sun, while Khmers swam (fully clothed, of course).  

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