Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend favorites

There are two sights in the city that always make me smile. One of those sights is the Royal Palace at dusk: all the streams of color set against the gold, birds perched high above, the quiet river at your side. (I'll write about the other sight another day.)

What is it about a simple breakfast, including coffee from my french press, on a Saturday or Sunday morning that makes the day seem so yours for the taking?

Afternoon tea!  This time inside the brightly-lit Conservatory of Raffles Hotel Le Royal.  I chose a black toffee tea.

The ritual of shopping for produce at Natural Garden, after an afternoon of reading and coffee-sipping at a cafe, is the perfect way to face a new week.


  1. Afternoon tea- what a great way to spend the weekend! I've been checking out a few places in Bangkok to have afternoon tea and enjoy the layers of sweets.

    I hope the report launch goes well and people are safe.

  2. Thanks, Tee. I hope so too. Pls post about afternoon tea in Bangkok if you get a chance to try a few out. I heard something about the Orient hotel's afternoon tea, but you have some swanky hotels in Bangkok, so I'm sure there are more options.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jocy. I also love a simple breakfast and my French press which is at home in Bangkok. We recently love going to afternoon tea which made me think, why didn't I do this earlier!

    1. Hi Ping. I saw your afternoon tea pictures in Bangkok. I'm owed one more afternoon tea by Ethan, so I may it during our next long weekend in Bangkok.


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