Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Goals

This weekend, I took a stroll around Tonle Bassac area, near the pagoda where Khmer barbers provide haircuts.  This is an area that is also facing evictions in the future.

As my time continues in Cambodia, it becomes increasingly more difficult for me to take in the small wonders of the city- daily rituals take over, work takes over, thoughts of the future take over.  Time passes this way.    So it came to me as a small surprise that we are on the threshold of March 2012.  How?

Before the rest of the year gets away from me, I want to list my resolutions and  small goals, if only to hold myself accountable.

1. Complete manuscript on journal article
2. Relearn the art of summer vacation, without guilt
3. Learn to claim ownership over my work and achievements
4. Learn to draw boundaries at work
5. Learn how to make human rights law work more sustainable (i.e., move out of Cambodia to ____)
6. Do a better job of keeping in touch with friends
7. Ride a bicycle more often
8. Incorporate more music and art in daily life
9. Learn how to cook the "basics" really well


[Post-edit: Added a cooking resolution, too.]


  1. My goodness, that has a tough lesson to learn this year!!! Good luck!

  2. Yes, to #7...I forget that's a good and fun way to exercise! Here's to more riding bikes this year!!

  3. Hi Ping, I'm so pathetic on bikes, but maybe I will start small and bicycle in a really quiet town in Cambodia. The traffic in Phnom Penh makes it really intimidating.


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