Monday, February 6, 2012

The minimalist

I live, and am in love, with a minimalist.  Once, he stared around our flat, littered with clothes from my then-only-two suitcases of US-Cambodia imports, and declared, "You have a lot of stuff."  Little did he know, at that time, that he was co-habitating with a woman who, on top of those two suitcases of dresses, belts, and shoes, had approximately 15+ boxes of beloved dresses, belts, and shoes in Los Angeles, and another 9+ boxes of dresses, belts, shoes and books in my best friend's basement in Portland.  

After our visit home this Christmas holiday, he now knows.

Still, I feel a slight tinge of hesitation when I think of purchasing something new.  I'm well aware that a move is in the near horizon, and accumulating now will surely increase the likelihood of  cursing when I pack and relocate.  My reluctance these days to treat myself to beautiful things is (thankfully!) countered by the fact that my minimalist is also a staunch proponent of buying quality-made, non-throw-away goods from artisans, a choice, he accepts, comes with higher prices - investments, if you will.   

So onto my next aesthetic distraction: this Clare Vivier clutch, made in vintage floral leather, by a Los Angeles-based artisan.  It reminds me of a 3.1 Lim dress I left Stateside. 


  1. I'm attempting to go minimal as well and haven't shopped much the past few years, but I still have so much stuff from previous years :(

    When/where are you moving to?

  2. Hi Tee, I cannot do it! I've tried. I purged when I came to Cambodia, and it was fine for the first 7 months to live with not much, but I will always gravitate toward small creature comforts and small pleasures that make life more luxurious. The experience of purging, however, made me rethink what it is I really need so I don't buy nearly as much stuff on impulse as I did in the past.

    We are probably moving in August and to ???? There are a few things in the works, but nothing is set yet.


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