Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wedding dress ennui

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This isn't my wedding dress, but, when I still lived in Asia, when I decided that my favorite Cambodian dressmaker, Monika, would be creating my dress, this was my inspiration.  I cannot remember now who makes this dress, so if someone knows, do tell.

During my last trip to Phnom Penh in December, I spoke to Monika about how much silk and lace I needed.  I even searched for materials in Bangkok, but did not find anything I really liked.  I thought I had several months to complete this task.

But a job came up in Washington DC, and I jumped.  And then, somehow I got the job, and I moved. 

I'm not very excited by the wedding dresses I've seen.  Actually, I am so disinterested in the choices.  It may just be because I've procrastinated and I'm running out of time.  Am I suppose to be in love with my wedding dress?  Isn't the more important thing that I'm excited about everything else, the man I'm marrying and our new life together?  (Being excited about both would be great.)

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