Saturday, June 29, 2013


Ever since I landed Stateside and my luggage was stolen, I've been trying to find some of my old Mayle pieces and other pieces that got away.  In three months, I've done a pretty good job, though I know it will take time to replace my Federicka in the Amalfi print, which I wore all the time in Southeast Asia. I will forever associate that dress with long days at the Phnom Penh markets, small dinner parties at Gayla's house, chatting on a rooftop in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, and walking Silom in Bangkok.  Sigh.

One piece I recently found was this green dress.  I've wanted it for years.  I may wear it to my rehearsal dinner this week.

I've finally chosen a dress for the wedding, but I'm tempted to throw on my Mayle Pina instead.  It is a small wedding in the meadows after all.  Wildflower bouquets.  The Rocky Mountains in the background.  Call it my Plan B.

These days, you'll probably see me talking to myself, saying, "This is a small, simple wedding."  Then, I end up fielding questions about last-minute guests, last-minute catering changes, about things to do in Colorado, etc.

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