Friday, June 14, 2013

Random thoughts on a June morning.

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  • I'm working from home today.  I over-exerted myself this week by running around and then auditing an evening course on climate at the law school.  I'm flat out.  
  •  I feel like I have more of  a footing at work now than I did in March, but the nature of this work still feels strange some days and so much comes at you so fast.  I'm with a good group of people, who are passionate about their work, and that helps.  I've also accepted that this adjustment will take time.  Another thing that will help is that, earlier this week I connected with a community in Africa, who I will be working with on a project. 
  • I blame my Swiss-obsessed colleague in Bangkok for my slight obsession with Thann, a natural skincare line from Thailand.  I picked up a few things from the Aromatic Wood line while in Bangkok.  And a few weeks ago, Ethan's best friend sent me a little gift of Thann hair condition and oil as a thank you for letting him stay at our place. 
  • I received an email from a colleague in Bangkok.  Two of my appeals, one of which involved a Cambodian man, languishing from HIV, whose appeal had been on hold for 4+ years, were successful.  It was a good email to receive.  These refugees and their families will now go through the resettlement process and hopefully leave Thailand, which is not a favorable place for asylum seekers. I imagined the Cambodian man and his family, including his children, moving to Australia or some Scandinavian country.  I tried to imagine what their new lives, what opportunities the children would receive, what their new homes would look like.  I remember this man's daughter, who I met during her visit to Thailand from France.  She had cried and cried to me, calling her father a hero, and expressing her fear that he would die in Thailand without a home.   
  • In one month, Ethan and I will be married and in Turkey.  I find it hilarious (and super annoying) that I, who have lived in and gravitated towards some variation of white, eyelet, cotton, lace dresses (as everyday wear), cannot now settle on one dress for my wedding day.  I've discovered that I'm just not a bridal gown kind of bride.  I've ordered a few things, which will arrive this week.  I hope they work out. I keep telling myself that the dress is not what matters. But, Filipino relatives are known to scrutinize like mad. And I'm not completely impervious to that pressure.  
  • Yesterday, Ethan and I received a very generous gift in the mail, which has largely paid for our upcoming honeymoon. I was floored by the kind act, washed over by this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. We're simple travelers at heart, but I think we may try one of the fancy hotels on the Bosphorus as a treat.   
  • Tonight, Ethan and I are going to chaperone the 9th grade class prom.  It's my excuse to wear my new Mayle dress and red lipstick.
  • I received a call from my sister this week.  My mom had fallen, hit her head and broken her clavicle.  I'm relieved she's okay, but I'm starting to develop a fearful reaction to phone calls received in the night.  This year, I've received too much bad news that way.
  •  For lunch, I'm going to saute the pancetta I bought at the Italian market, with onion, garlic, tomato, and kale.  I wish I had chickpeas...

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  1. I love this post. Can't believe you're less than a month exciting! Hope you'll fill me in on dress picks soon :)


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