Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a smattering of thoughts and images

Life. Right now.

Images 1-2: Homemade tortillas with vegetable fajita filling (random veggies sauteed with a dash of red wine and adobo chipotle peppers imported from Los Angeles)
Image 3: Shoes sitting in my closet. I must remember to wear them.
Image 4: "Cookie" - the feral kitten who has taken over our terrace.  He looks harmless, but he is a terror.
Image 5:  For the past few days, the sky has hung heavy with clouds. Rainy season is here, I suppose: green and flowers everywhere. The trailing vine on our staircase is out of control!
Image 6: I crave dim sum.


  1. Hee hee...couldn't help but giggle about Cookie. ;) Hope you're able to get your dim sum fix soon!

  2. He's kind of cute, no? Part of me wants to drug him and bring him to Thailand, but he's so feral that he really belongs in Cambodia, in this environment.


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