Friday, May 11, 2012

Ermie at Beklina

via Beklina

I am digging Jennifer's new pieces and the ease of the cuts, especially the longer hemline in the back.  While in Cambodia, the momentum to buy, buy, buy slows down considerably.  Or, at least, for me it did.  It's partly because the work keeps me busy, shipping is expensive, dress is casual, and nice clothes take a  real beating here.

While I do not buy as much in Cambodia, I've grown more inclined to buy only what I love - to invest in pieces that may be more expensive, but are more special.  Because, in the end, those are the pieces that I keep for 10 years or so.  Those are the pieces that survive purge after purge.  I kid you not: I still have a favorite pair of MJ flats and a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that I bought, with my pennies saved, in 2001!  Some of my favorite 3.1 dresses were Philip Lim's first year out of the Development line, years ago.  And, don't get me started with Mayle...

I cannot wait to receive my Ermie spring tee in the Talitha print. Care package, where are you?


  1. Thank you Jocy! I was wondering if you had received it or not... I hope it comes soon, and that you like it!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I haven't received it yet. Due to her the medical condition of R's father, my sister had to cancel all her flights - to Bali, to Bangkok, and to PP. It sucks. But that is life. The top is in a care package headed my way.

  3. haha i am totally the same way! for sure i wear wrap dresses and tops by dvf and marc by marc that i bought in high school over 10 years ago. on a recent night, i wore a bcbg cocktail dress to dinner with my boyfriend -- the dress i wore to PROM as a freshman in 1999! it's actually kind of amazing that my style hasn't changed too much in the 10 years since high school. : )
    enjoy yr ermie piece - her silk dresses are PERFECT for hot summer days!

  4. OK, also amazing is that you still fit into high school clothes from 10 years ago!

    I actually look forward to finding pieces that have a story to them. It's really bad because it justifies all my accumulation, especially here in Cambodia and then during my travels and then... it goes on.


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