Saturday, October 8, 2011

The week ahead

1.  I leave for Thailand tomorrow morning.  My colleague, Dom, has dengue fever (poor thing) and I have to go in his stead to attend a workshop he coordinated with Thai partners working on displaced sugar communities.  While I love Bangkok and cannot help but think this might be my opportunity to hit up Chatuchak Market for shoes and a sampling of sticky rice and fried chicken, me thinks this will seriously hamper my writing this week.

2. We moved house last week and have been busy buying furniture and plants.  Yesterday, I bought a small lime tree and a chili plant.  Both sit on my terrace, where I've  quickly grown accustomed to writing as the sun sets against the silhouette of palm trees.

3. Also, this new space has inspired me to have more early morning breakfasts.  What's happening to me?  The pictures below, from fellow bloggers, have my mind racing with morning ideas.

[first image via Popcorn Plays;  second via Simply Breakfast]

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