Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note to Self: Remember this time.

Even though it doesn't always feel like it these days, you will look back on this time, many years from now, and appreciate it for what it was: an incredible and challenging opportunity; a time in your life when  you were surrounded by some of the most inspired people you've ever known; a period in your life when you felt alive , though somedays raw.

And this remains the case despite the daily frustrations that give you pause and make you shake your head.  Remember this when you cannot understand why Cambodian street food can't be as tasty or clean as its Thai and Vietnamese counterparts, or when you cannot comprehend the lack of order and infrastructure in light of the foreign money pouring into this country, or why good cheese  is so expensive  in this country and baking ovens such a household rarity, or when the realities of working in this country continue to wear on you, when the divide continues to engulf and push. 

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