Friday, October 14, 2011

Isetan in Bangkok

In my two short visits to Tokyo, I was lost, each time, in Isetan, a massive Japanese department store, which has a brilliant food court, stocked with Japanese goodies and sweets.

I almost entirely forgot about Isetan, until today, when I wandered in for the afternoon, looking for an electric oven.  From my cursory review, there are two major distinctions between the Japanese and Thai stores. First, the Japanese store, as I recall, was much more forward with its fashion offerings.  Second, the Thai store is more accommodating with its food - there are seats and benches galore that entice you stay and have that matcha scone with clotted cream, or that mango yoghurt, or that salmon onigiri, or that hot-off-the-griddle okonomiyaki.  At the time of my visits, that was not the case in Tokyo - no one was eating.  How?  I do remember being irked several times in the Isetan in Tokyo, as I had to slink away to sample my store-bought treats.  (I just realized that, when traveling, I spend a fair amount of time slinking away to eat.)

In other news, the flooding is getting worse in Bangkok.  In order to meet a colleague for dinner, I spent an unfortunate part of my evening traversing a dark, very flooded section of the city. And, I never found the place! 


  1. Thanks for the kind words Jocy. So far it's pretty sunny here, but other areas are still flooded in. So sorry you had to venture through the dark, flood and not meet your friend. If you need help with anything at all when you're in BKK, I'm here!

  2. Thanks, Tee. I'll let you know if I am back in BKK soon. Same to you if you make it to Phnom Penh!


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