Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is a rather late response to news that Mociun is closing shop.  Mociun has been one of my favorite artisans, with her beautiful textiles and easy shapes.  I brought only one of her pieces with me to Cambodia, but a few dresses, including my favorite ikat tie-front dress, sits, waiting for me, in Los Angeles.  My sister, Jennifer, has another Mociun dress from a later season, which I have been stalking for a few years now.  When I am back home this winter, I hope to convince her to give it to me.  She never wears it.  What a waste.


  1. What is in style to wear where you are living?

  2. For locals, anything that covers you up, especially your shoulders and upper legs, if you are a woman. Or, all of it actually because the sun is unforgiving here. For expats, I can't quite make it out. Some are still very business casual, which seems ridiculous in this climate. And on the other side of the spectrum is backpacker. Neither of those looks works (or more importantly, feels comfortable) for me. These days, I feel like I'm in a uniform - dresses or rolled up jeans with a light-fabric top.


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