Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The one that got away

Mayle, I can't quit you, as much as I try and even though I live and work in conditions that aren't exactly conducive to delicate frocks.  I'm still looking for the Mayle Elvira, years later.  The last big Mayle find I had was in the week following my decision to leave Portland and pare down for Cambodia.  I was at a consignment shop in NW Portland and there it was, a Frederica in Amalfi hanging behind the desk, not even processed and not quite my size.  I didn't hesitate.  It was one of the few pieces I brought to Phnom Penh,  one that instantly picks me up when I'm feeling and -- and let's be honest here -- looking like crap. These days, those small comforts are invaluable. 

Renne's recent post was a good reminder of mindful consumerism and how and why I choose to spend my money in the way that I do. 

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