Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here's a confession on this increasingly hot Wednesday afternoon: I never really feel "pretty" in Cambodia. My neurotic issues with the connotation of that word aside, I admit that the heat, sweat, and other things Cambodia made it such that I once felt I was in perpetual post-gym/workout mode -- not that I've had many post-gym/workout moments, I confess.

It's a struggle.

Admittedly, there was once a part of me that said, "Who cares?! I can eschew any sort of aesthetic ideal indefinitely, for a loftier purpose, for meaning, for this work." That lasted all of 2 months. In truth, I'm just not wired that way -- I need both, I need all. And, more likely, when the entire day seems heavy and dark, and things appear insurmountable, I crave the simplicity and comfort of putting on red lipstick, a pretty silk Mayle dress, and a pair of RC sandals/clogs/heels (actually, no heels because the jagged street + heels would surely bring about my death).

On my last visit to Los Angeles, I packed even more dresses into my suitcase, including a few Mayle numbers, which I now guard closely. I went through my 3.1 Lim acquisitions and imported an old red bag I once found on eBay. I rummaged through my earrings and necklaces. I packed more body butter, more lipstick and lipstains, more lacy underpinnings -- more of the simple pleasures that combat the weariness of life in this country.

I saw this hair "how to do." (Click on the link above for instructions.) I think I'll give it a try.


  1. I can definitely relate to this post. I have spent so much time in my studio for the past year that I feel like I live in pajamas with dirty hair and paint and clay dust all over me. As romantic as it looks in the movies, it is much less attractive in real life. I appease my fashion-deprived soul by ordering beautiful things on Etsy. The problem is finding the time (or the reason) to wear them. Sigh.


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