Sunday, March 6, 2011

Banteay Meanchey

It's Monday afternoon, and I am super exhausted. Last week, I traveled to Battambang and then Banteay Meanchey to do research and meet with affected communities. As I walked around the railway communities, I could not ignore the fact that the temperature is steadily climbing in Cambodia, a steady reminder that "hot season" is just around the corner. I remember the season well, as its arrival also marks one year since my move to Cambodia.

I don't relish the thought of the several research trips I will do in the next few months, under the unforgiving heat, only matched in annoyance by the swarm of flies and mosquitos that tend to accompany that climate.

But I must do it -- and besides, my ancillary research on the gender impacts of the Railway Project gives me enough push to get over the not-so-ideal environment.

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