Sunday, March 13, 2011

My weekend

During these hot, dry days, my laziness kicks in even more, and, among other things that fall to the wayside, I tend to forget/neglect why I started this blog -- namely, to document and to remember, both the intense, colorful moments that sweep in, shake and scare me, and the quieter moments that would otherwise slip away, quietly, without the needed care or notice.

Some quiet moments from this weekend, spent with my "former American flatmate" (he has a name, and hereafter, it will be "Ethan"):

1. Cooked dinner. We used the BBQ sauce Mami sent me in my last care package, caramelized onions, mashed some potatoes, and made BBQ baguette sandwiches. Yum.

2. Finally watched The King's Speech.

3. Walked about Phnom Penh, near Toul Tumpong (Russian Market), found a shady coffee shop, and lounged for a few hours.

4. Booked tickets to Bangkok (super excited -- more on that later).

5. Spent a few hours looking at, and deliberating about, cheap airfare to China, Sri Lanka, Malaysian Borneo, Brunei Darrusalem, India ... and decided Malaysian Borneo and Brunei Darrusalem may just work for the upcoming holiday in May. (Crossing my fingers.)

6. Napped.

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