Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I lucked out with my living situation. Truly. I live a few minutes away from work, and I have two flatmates with whom I share the two-story Khmer home. A cleaning lady visits us twice a week to erase traces of the week's flurry and to do our laundry, always air-dried by the heat of the sun-soaked terrace.

A few days ago, my Khmer-Aussie flatmate surprised us with smoked salmon and capers, brie, olives, crunchy baguettes, and prosciutto! Until then, the thought of Western comfort food hadn't seriously plagued my mind, but I was quite happy to nosh on the treats while I watched a documentary and let my mind wander.

I thought of Portland, of Sunday brunches with Mami, Jeanice, and Connie, and of running to the grocery store to buy picnic supplies before short summer hikes in the Columbia Gorge. I thought of how green the city must be, how rain-soaked still, and how excited I was, this time of year, to peel off another layer of clothing to celebrate the cusp of summer. And I shook my head and laughed, as I thought of the chain of events that led me to live in Cambodia, where I carry a motorbike helmet to go anywhere, where I apply a layer of 45 SPF sunscreen everytime I leave the house and where I consume too many mango shakes, where I've learned to sit sidesaddle on the back of a motorbike when wearing a dress (nearly always), and where the idea of life here, at this moment anyway, seems very strangely right.

How weird is that?


  1. It is not weird dear girl, it is actually a blessing.

  2. i'm so glad to hear you're settling in and feeling that you're right where you're meant to be for now. it sounds like an amazing experience...right down to that line-dried laundry!

  3. I miss our brunches too Joc. When you mentioned hiking in the gorge, I immediately thought of your green socks and white tennis shoes! I think that photo may be blog-worthy. ;) Glad to hear that you are in thicket of things with work (exciting UN stuff!), but still manage to find the time to enjoy the beauty of Cambodia.

  4. Yoli: It is a blessing, planned and yet very unexpected.

    Becki: I miss our chats over coffee and our rummaging through shops. Line-dried laundry is kinda great.

    CK: Ha! NO green socks.

    Stela: Thanks for visiting.


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