Friday, June 18, 2010


via Refinery29

I'm not going to lie -- I miss my pretty dresses and Rachel Comey shoes, though I agree that dusty Phnom Penh is no place for ivory silk Mayle dresses. And yet, the heat and humidity, coupled with constant socializing, has made go through my nearly two suitcases of dresses so very quickly.

I am craving. Big time.

I hunted down those cream RC sandals on Madewell guru Gigi Guerra after spotting them at Impulse years before. But, like many other creature comforts, I left them in Los Angeles.

Madewell is online, huh? Trouble? Perhaps. I will think about it and other things this weekend, while lazing in the countryside town of Kampot. It is the Queen's birthday, which spells my first Cambodian three-day weekend.

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