Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Good Karma" Dress

via Wiksten

Life in Phnom Penh remains largely disorienting, though things are falling into place, slowly. I'm becoming familiar with the streets surrounding my flat, and I hope, this weekend, to extend my explorations to other parts of the city. I'm developing a morning routine: music, a cold shower, words exchanged with flatmates, a motorbike helmet (my newest purchase), a Cambodian iced coffee, spiked heavily with sweet condensed milk, purchased at the small shop I pass by every morning, where I point, the owner nods, and we both laugh as she makes my drink. My walk to the office is short -- just four minutes or so -- but the heat grips you quickly here, and soon you are covered in beads of sweat.

My colleagues, both local and expat, are a warm, dedicated bunch, and though I've only borne witness to their work for a short period, I'm already feeling inspired and excited. I'm wrapping my head around Cambodian law, international law, and the realities of work here. More on that later.

And months later, I still want this dress by Wiksten. No doubt it is sold out.


  1. Jenny started a waitlist for the dress, so there is still hope. Though shipping to Cambodia might be costly.

  2. I hope you get your dress and that coffee sounds dreamy. The heat there is very similar to our heat in the Florida Keys. It is like a sauna.

  3. hey dear! i'm so glad to "see" your face, and hear a bit about how it's going there.

    order the dress, have it shipped to me, and i'll send it to you in your far away land. i'd be so happy to take care of it for you :)

  4. I'm so glad you're settling in. :-) Love your morning routine. It feels so homey.

  5. Yoli: That coffee is addictive, and it is 2000 riel (about .50) a cup.

    Becki: Thank you! I'm on the waitlist. We will see. Hope you're well.

    Rambling Tart: Strangely, it does feel homey already.


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