Friday, June 11, 2010


The weeks are flying by. Between the constant motorbike zigzagging, the growing pile of work on my desk, the many meetings catered with Khmer pastries, and the varied social gatherings, I barely have a chance to catch my breath, to drink it all in, in measure, quietly and slowly.

The rain has arrived. This week, it pounded the streets of the city, relentlessly, accompanied by gusty winds that toppled outdoor furniture, the sound of rumbling thunder, and brilliant flashes of light. Once, I watched for the storm on my terrace, but all I could see was indistinguishable grey above the tiled rooftops.

This is kind of a more disjointed post than my usual -- I'm just checking in. I'm on a mission this weekend: a $5 massage and sauna, a pedicure, a few dresses made (more on that later), a movie, and the usual exploration. I am determined to find sun-dried tomatoes in Phnom Penh.

But before I go, and to add to the disjointedness even more, a few random pictures of life in Myanmar.


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