Saturday, February 13, 2010


My two sisters (and Ryan) are visiting me next weekend, and I cannot wait. We, by no feat of the imagination, have a perfect relationship. I only need to think back to a trip to Alaska and to last year's short trip to the Philippines to be reminded that, within 72 hours of continuous time with my sisters, there is sure to be a fight, followed by crying, and the dredging up of some hurt from our childhood years.

Like clockwork.

Luckily, also inevitable is an apology within a day or two.

I relish this time. No one else understands me quite this way, knows what buttons to push, deciphers the meaning of a fleeting glance or a quick purse of my lips. And, very few others can fully comprehend the distances each of us has travelled nor support our choices unconditionally.

So to Jen and Jack (or Jack and Jen, whatever), this Valentine's Day weekend, I also celebrate you. Love.

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