Monday, February 15, 2010

Coming Together

This weekend, a few instrumental parts of my move have been solidified. And by "my move," I mean both my temporary move to Los Angeles and the "big" move to Cambodia.

First, my dear friend, Jason, has agreed to visit me during my last weekend in Portland and to help me in the 16+ hour drive down the lovely I-5. What a great friend! I don't know if he can handle my endless chit-chat for 16+ hours. I usually torment him at all hours of the day with my stories of the universe and synchronicity. Ever the logical anchor, he usually tries to ground me. Lately, however, that has been near impossible, and we have had to agree to disagree.

Second, Jeanice is planning to meet me somewhere between or in Thailand, Hong Kong, or Singapore in June! I will be settled into Phnom Penh by then and likely up to my eyeballs in human rights lawyering 101, but I look forward to seeing a familiar face for a weekend in any SE Asia locale. Even more, I am excited for her foray into SE Asian travelling.

Last night, I dreamt that I made the move to Los Angeles and was en route to Cambodia, when I realized that my apartment, my cats, and all other belongings were accidentally left behind in Portland. My heart raced, and thoughts of how to get my cats and belongings out of Portland consumed me. Utter panic.

And then, I woke up.

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