Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Portland Memories. Or, Melancholy Me.

As my remaining days in Portland reach single digits, I'm feeling melancholy. I fell in love with Portland, Oregon after a spur-of-the moment drive from Los Angeles (then my home) to Vancouver BC. I still remember driving up the I-5, the concrete jungle giving way to abundant nature. And there she lay, this little city in the forest, a gem.

I moved to Portland with hopes to study environmental law. I did. But what I gained during the last six years was so much more than that: friendships and loves that have shaped, grounded and inspired me, an understanding and curiosity of systemic societal contradictions and ailments that has compelled me into the field I am now entering, an appreciation for good coffee, micro-brewed beers and seasons ... and I managed to buy more Mayle during my stay here! Ha.

How will I spend my final days in Portland? Besides the necessary purging-packing-storing-repeat process, I will spend time with friends. I will walk outside my neighborhood and enjoy the rain and rare sunbreaks. I will drink coffee and micro-brews as only Portland can do.

Tonight, however, I am taking a walk around my 'hood with a friend.

1 comment:

  1. I've been to Portland only once. It was a nice place, only almost always wet. loved it though.

    love the photos, and love your blog!

    Good luck on your new adventures!



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