Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have three whole days left in Portland, most of which will be used to tie up loose ends. This week has been filled with coffee, lunch, and dinner meetings with friends and colleagues. One topic that has consistently come up was the direction of this blog. (Actually, few people know that I've started blogging.)

Should I use this as a space to document ailments affecting the Cambodian people during this year, to remember in systematic fashion the wrongs against which I will advocate? Should I use this space to document my own frivolous musings, which, I believe, will become more and more necessary with my increased entrenchment in human rights work? Or, as one friend suggested, should I use this blog to document only the beautiful things in my experience, to create a safe bubble into which I can retreat when the darkness looms?

From my brief journeys there, the country has so much of both beauty and horror, a duality that only magnifies each.

I'm undecided. But I'm throwing those thoughts out there for now.

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