Sunday, February 2, 2014

My sister's bridal shower

I am not a planner.  Sure, professionally, I kind of have to be, but my personal life is different.  My aversion to planning is probably most evident (read: extreme) in travel. I prefer not to plan trips ahead (which can admittedly cause some problems).  I once found a cheap ticket to Beijing that left two days later, and I was off - same thing when I chanced upon a ridiculously cheap ticket to London. In my first solo trips to Europe (and I guess most of my trips), I picked a place of arrival and departure and decided that the weeks in between would be sorted out once I arrived, somehow.  I confess that I sometimes get really, really annoyed by travelmates who are compelled to stick to an itinerary.

However, there are exceptions to this planning aversion, and they always involve family/loved ones.  For instance, I was super proud of myself for pulling off Ethan's surprise birthday party a few years ago.

And I am now co-hosting my sister Jennifer's bridal shower, scheduled later this month.  My sister Jennifer is the opposite of me in that she plans everything and every detail is thought-out, perfect, polished.  It's a tall order, but I love her so much that I'll have to put my planning aversion aside for now.  

That said, I haven't gotten very far.  

I like this...

And I feel strongly that there be yummy crostinis...

all images via Pinterest

To be continued.

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