Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ace & Jig

I keep telling myself that listing out the items I've bought each month will keep my spending habits in check, will keep me accountable. But I haven't really bought much this month. To be exact, I've purchased one clothing item - this Ace & Jig houndstooth tee, deeply discounted at Mohawk General Store. It's an impractical buy in some ways because it won't keep me cozy when the snow is falling outside (which has been happening more of late).  But I can't help it. I will always gravitate towards non-winter clothes.

Before I left Cambodia, I made a number of silk dresses, gorgeous replications of some of my favorite wardrobe staples - all for my future life Stateside.  The vast majority of those pieces were lost in the stolen luggage debacle, but I realize now that every single one of those pieces was meant for summer days - some being litttle wisps of silk that I'd probably only wear in the hottest of August days. 

With the exception of my occasional daydream of hanging out in the Colorado mountain house, I don't dream of thick coats or fuzzy sweaters (though I'm grateful for these things these days).  I don't dream of winter. 

Maybe I'm just hardwired to always want/hope for tropical or at least perpetual summer weather.

1 comment:

  1. i absolutely love ace and jig! they made reversible kimonos recently that i can't QUITE justify purchasing, but i've thought about it more than once :) your tee is beautiful!


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