Friday, February 28, 2014

February Acquisitions (or, keeping myself accountable)

first via; second via

To chase away the Winter blues, this month, I bought the following:
  • Nars matte color stick in Laos
  • A Clarisonic (I'm skeptical, but I was also apparently bored enough to purchase this product)
  • Another striped shirt, this time from Madewell (Can I really ever have enough striped things?)
  • A Mayle jacket from one of the capsule collections (in used excellent condition)
The bulk of my monthly purchases, however, consisted of baking supplies. Because cakes and tarts seem to be of great interest to me these days, especially this gorgeous cherry number, which screams picnics and all things wonderful and Summer.


And, confession time done.


  1. Laos, the color of the stick or bought in the country of Laos? If it's the color it's nice to have my country in that color. Pretty color indeed:) Hope your weekend is going great.

    1. Hi ping. I wish I bought it in Laos... That would mean I traveled last month. It is just the name. I think there's another color called Vientiene.

  2. You won't regret the Clarisonic! It took some experimentation for me to find the right brush head / face wash combo (I use the sensitive brush and my skin is hardly sensitive), but now that I have, I will never stop using it. I can see a difference in my skin if I skip just a day or two.

    1. Oh good to know! Have you found that there's any difference between the one and two speed? I bought the two speed to start.

    2. Oh man- I have the regular model so I assume I can adjust the speeds, but I never have :) hope it works as well for you as it has for me!

  3. I love that shade! I wish I could find a larger selection of NARS products here *sigh*

    I have been meaning to dust off my Clarisonic again – my skin looked radiant when I was using it regularly!

  4. I remember the feeling of not being able to access NARS either, except for the occasional trip to the international airport.


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