Thursday, April 21, 2011

More on Sapa

Sapa's green hills and cold mornings offered me the short respite I craved from my chaotic schedule, one that appears to keep growing with tasks and responsibilities I did not expect when I signed my contract: Establish a community-based legal clinic? Sure. Manage law students and international lawyer volunteers? Sure. Lead a research team and publish? Sure.

I'm certainly not complaining about these opportunities -- they are more than I could have asked for when the idea of moving to Cambodia to pursue international human rights lawyering entered my head -- but it's amusing how this project keeps mushrooming into more and more. Most days, I am frankly too busy tending to daily tasks to appreciate the work that lands on my desk. But somedays, someone like Anna, the Russian lawyer volunteering with our organization, stops me after I've been for rambling five minutes about a meeting or the findings of a field visit and blurts out, "That is amazing!" And then I stop for a minute, mull over her words, and remember that it is. It really is.


  1. so beautiful! it's really important to step back once in awhile, especially in your situation. there must be so many amazing things you see and experience every day!

  2. I love this post. I captures the spirit of living in the moment, which you seem to do so well! Inspiring!


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