Saturday, April 23, 2011


Three weeks ago, an orange tabby adopted us. She wandered into our yard one bright morning, menacing me by jumping in front of my feet as I walked and sitting under the tires of Ethan's bicycle, preventing him from leaving. After a few mornings like this, Clarisse and I could not stop ourselves, and we fed her. She appeared to grow a little plumper by the day, until about a week ago when we, sitting in our kitchen, discussed Vivian -- named after the hooker in Pretty Woman--and agreed that she looked very plump recently -- pregnant-plump, in fact.

This afternoon, we heard small kitten cries coming from the narrow, dark space that runs the side of our house. Three kittens -- a black one, a tabby, and a calico!! I am so excited, though worried because that narrow space captures quite a bit of rain. And the rain has arrived early. We've moved the food closer to Vivian, and we are watching.

[About the picture: Marnie, Dom's wife, exchanges pictures of kittens with me now and then, funny pictures, United Bamboo calendar pictures, and this one.]


  1. aw, how cute! i hope that vivian and the kittens are well! if you're worried about the rain, can you bring them into the house?

  2. Vivian won't let me get near them, and they are down this very narrow alley/corridor. I would at least like to bring them under the covered patio awning ...

  3. oh, how sweet! i can't wait to see pics of the kitties - i have a feeling you'll have more stories to share :) xox


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