Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I miss you.

I miss you, Portland. Your Stumptown coffee. Your VooDoo Donuts. Your food carts on SW 10th Avenue. (I swear this isn't just about food and drink.) Your Laurelhurst Park, Forest Park, all those parks. Your crisp, fallen leaves. Your cold, foggy mornings. Your drizzle and downpour. Your clean, paved streets. Your logic and order.

I miss having clean feet. You don't have that here. Ever.

BUT . . . there are so, so many.


  1. I never drink coffee so I never really appreciated Stumptown. However, whenever I have friends and relatives over (who are all coffee drinkers), I took them to Stumptown. I lived in Belmont/Laurelhurst area so the SE location was super accessible.

    BUT. I miss PDX badly: ditto with Forest Park, Laurelhurst Park... and Washington Park. I miss that nice track in SW PDX. Miss Sauvie Island. Miss the easy commute to Seattle. Miss the Oregon coast. :(

  2. Sounds like a lovely place and I am a huge coffee lover. Your feet might not be clean but I am sure your soul is pretty full.

  3. Aw man, your post is making me miss it also!

  4. Becki: I miss you, dear!

    Eunice: Oh, you understand . . .

    Yoli: Very full. Somedays, I can't believe it. This crazy life.

    Jennifer: Your blog entry on PDX did the same to me!


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