Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Cultural Exchange

Yesterday afternoon, I introduced my young, very sweet colleague, Thida, to my blog obsessions. Namely, we poured over Jeana's closet visits, which are just killing me on a weekly basis. Wide-eyed, Thida stared, commenting now and then on the shapes and lines of the shoes and the textures. And I and my starved eyes were quite content, in those moments, to dawdle in the heat of the stuffy room, drawn to images on my laptop screen.

Also, those black sandals will be my next experiment in Cambodia shoemaking. Maybe a different color? With a zipper in back, instead? Ease of putting on and taking off shoes is a key consideration here. My laziness aside, unless I'm going to a UN meeting or something equally posh, I usually take my shoes off when entering an office.

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