Thursday, October 28, 2010

brunch bites

Brunch at Rachel's. Sun. Hot, crispy baguettes transported on moto bikes from Comme à la Maison . Naps.

A Dutch friend tried her hand at American pancakes, all the while convincing me that what I should be cooking is savory Dutch versions, with cheese, bacon and apple filling. (She gaffawed when I told her that we sometimes eat an entire stack of these pancakes for breakfast.)

Off topic, I'm wondering how much I'm processing of this experience. While I've been fortunate to experience bright and warm moments here (and sometimes those moments just bowl me over with their intensity), it is still Cambodia and my work is . . .


  1. dang, those baguettes look so good.

    as far as processing your experience...i don't think this is something you can fully process until after you've left. just enjoy the moments as they happen for now!

  2. Jennifer: The whole brunch was yum. I think you're right. First, there's no time here to process. I'm always running around; there's always something else to do, a new experience.


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