Monday, March 3, 2014

Good morning, Los Angeles.

I've been in southern California for a few days. It was pouring rain. One morning, I woke up and in those first moments, on that cusp of consciousness and sleep, I thought I was back in the Mekong region during the torrential rain season. 

This weekend was my sister's bridal shower and my grandma Elpidia's birthday celebration.  I also caught up with Cherlou.  She took me to Urth Caffe, and we had way too much good food (evidence, above).  Between bites of an incredible apple tartin, I joked with her that she would probably give birth during our brunch - she was due next week.  She didn't, of course. She apparently waited several hours because I woke up this morning to a picture of a beautiful baby boy.  Congrats to them!
I'm off to DC today, off to reality again - that is, if the blizzard doesn't delay my flight!

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