Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Notes in the District

I can feel summer slipping away.  Some documentation from the past few weekends:

One of the great things about this place, which I am certain I will miss someday: all the free concerts and museums.  Clarisse, my former housemate in Phnom Penh, was in town, so we celebrated her birthday at Jazz in the Garden.  The world felt small.

A quick visit to my favorite vintage shop in these parts, Treasury.

Finally digging into the Murakami book I bought in Cambodia.

Renting a zipcar with Dana and her husband C to get proper Vietnamese food and groceries in Virginia.

In and around Eastern Market.

En route on our walk from Mount Pleasant to Georgetown.


  1. Looking at your DC life pics, I wonder if we ever unknowingly crossed paths!

    1. Hi Tee. We may have, if only during that Belgium embassy tour. I've been meaning to ask - have you found any decent Thai places in DC? I am still looking.

  2. I'm still searching, but I like Thai Chef (Dupont) and Bangkok Joe (Georgetown) in DC. If you have a car, Bangkok 54 (they also have a grocery store), Duangrat and Thai Square in Virginia are better.

    1. So far, we've left our cars back in California and Colorado and have tried to see how we do without them. I have heard that there is some fancy Isarn place in Dupont that is open only in the evenings and there are a few good choices in Wheaton, MD.


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