Friday, February 8, 2013


It's been a rough week, which I've largely spent buried in appeals and listening to stories of refugees' homes being raided in the early morning, of being coerced into paying bribes to officers to secure family members' release, of being subject to "soft deportation" to the countries from which they fled, etc.

I'm glad it's Friday evening. 

Ethan told me the other day that I mainly use this space to document shoes and dresses.  That is true.  I write less about my work in Thailand than I did in Cambodia.  Maybe it was the novelty of Cambodia.  Maybe I was still new to drawing boundaries of work and not-work, especially human rights work.  Maybe it's that the nature of my work in Thailand is such that I am bound my stricter confidentiality rules and 50+ hours a week dedicated to this work is more than sufficient use of my thoughts and energy.

Still, the reason I've kept this space for the past three years is to document - and to remember. Because memories invariably grow faint. Because things change so quickly in life.

Speaking of which, change is coming.  Another twist, despite my dogged resistance.  And, I'm doing all I can to not be overwhelmed, to work on my cases without being consumed by all that is ahead. 

Must. Breathe. 


  1. is a move to dc in your future?

  2. i'm sorry you had such a rough week, jocy. i think you've created a really beautiful and special place here - i have loved following, and sharing in your memories.

  3. oh no - sorry that you're feeling stressed. i always make myself a large mug of my favorite green tea when i'm exhausted and feeling out of sorts. as small as it is, it helps me refocus, and relax.

    i also meant to ask you about your everlane silk blouse - did you get it yet, and how do you find the sizing? :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, miss sophie. I don't have it yet, as I'm still in Bangkok and it was mailed elsewhere.


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