Saturday, February 2, 2013

Honeymoon Daydreaming, Pt.2

first image via Telegraph; second via Smithsonian 

Ever since I posted about Chilean Patagonia, it has increasingly rooted itself in my mind as a possible honeymoon destination.  But to be honest, from the beginning, we talked about going to Turkey.  

With only one exception, everyone I know who has either lived or visited Turkey raves about it - my parents included. One woman I spoke to, who lived there as a child and visited several times as an adult, described Istanbul as possessing a heady mix of all the romanticized elements of Islamic culture.  She talked about the food, the architecture, the markets. 

How awesome would it be to stay in a hotel with a view of the Bosphorus?  

An interesting possibility that has attached itself to the option of Turkey is short jaunt to, and a return flight out of, Sofia, in neighboring Bulgaria.

[Post-edit:  This is kind of the wrong timing with the news of the NYC woman, whose body was found a few days ago. What a sad story.  I read through a few articles yesterday, and I was struck by some of the ignorance of the comments left - blanket generalizations and oft-hateful remarks about Muslims, about Turkey/Syria/the MENA region.  But also, there were many judgments surrounding the fact that a woman (and a married one) would ever choose to travel alone.  Wow.] 

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